American Legion Post 517




            Harry Lackhove Post 517 American Legion of Mercersburg, PA, will provide to all regular legionnaires that are boda-fide members of the post a death benefits of $200.00.

            The death benefit provision provided by Harry Lackhove Post 517 will be in force to all regular post members that have three (3) consecutive years or more at Post 517.  Death benefit will terminate to the beneficiary if the post member dues are not paid at time of death.  All dues must be paid by December 31 of each year for the upcoming year.


            The death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary designated by the legion member of Post 517.  You must have a death benefit card on file; otherwise, no benefits will be disbursed.

            The legionnaire may change any designated beneficiary at any time.  You must request the change upon written notice to Harry Lackhove Post 517. Once a death benefit card is on file, changes can be submitted and/or requested via e-mail at:                               

                                    Please mail the card below to:

                                                American Legion Post 517

                                                100 Keefer Drive, Suite 1

                                                Mercersburg, PA 17236

                                                Attention:  Finance Officer